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Product Overview

Lupin Heat/cold pack

Lupin Hot and cold pack suitable for adults and children, these lupin packs make the perfect gift for all ages. Great to help relieve and relax aches and pains, or like my children they just use it to calm and relax them at bed time. 

Available in a variety of material there is sure to be a pattern to suit everyone. All packs have a removeable and washable cover to ensure the longevity of your heat pack. 

Locally made in W.A
Made from: Cotton, Lupins

SIZE: 13cm wide x 29cm long, filled with 500g of Lupins. 

Why Lupins, you ask ?? 

• Less Odour
• Chemical free
• Doesn't sweat when heated
• Retains heat for longer.
• Use warm or cold
• Soothes ached and pains

Comes with heating and cooling intructions.

Please Note:

• Use with caution
• If you have a lupin allergy, please do not use this product.
• Do not overheat as it may cause injury.
• Do not use under bedding.
• Do not use for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

 Children should be supervised at all times. 

Colours may vary due to lighting and screen colours, sizes may vary due to being handmade and not mass produced. 

Warranty Information

Due to our products being made to order, we are unable to offer refunds unless the item is faulty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review